Hello world, Italian Nomad is born

I don’t know what this blog could become with time, but one has to start at some point and this is just what I’m trying to do

Me in my last – just concluded – vacation in Argentina (Refugio Lopez, Rio Negro)

What this is all about?

This blog will be about my life, that for too much time has been restrained by places, conditions, people around me that in many ways limited my personal growth in this first part of my life.

This blog will be about my work, because it’s an important part of everyone’s life and so I can’t put it aside from my personal blog, thus it will be part of my story as well, conscious of the fact that my aim in this case will be to bring this field in harmony with my passions and hobbies, to bring balance to the whole picture.

This blog will also be (of course) about my passions, things like travel, sports (meaning that I’ll actually write and post content about me and friends doing the activities, simply watching them never interested me) but also politics, economics, culture and science in every aspect that might capture my curiosity (THAT IS INFINITELY VAST!)

Why I do this?

Because I want to create something of value, track my progress and keep up my motivation in improving myself as a person in every aspect

As I said, I think I’m at a pivotal moment in my life, I’m ready to leave the place and the people that accompanied me for many years, from the start till this end of my twenties. Some people I will miss, some others I’ll not. Idem for the local culture that in deep ways influenced me, but I’m ready to experiment radical new surroundings, changing everything from now on. Can’t wait to see what life will bring to me, but I can’t do otherwise since I would never be able to live the rest of my life thinking about what I could have become leaving this nest I’ve been in my whole life till now and not have done anything, not even tried.

The idea is to use this blog as a point of intersection between my social networks, writing here extensively my thoughts whenever I feel good doing so. YouTube will be extensively used for my video content, and for the pictures I’m still thinking about it, there’s no rush to set-up everything perfectly, I’ll adjust everything with time. Other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn might be linked, but as I’m starting to write here, those might be suffer a change in the way I use them. Surely I don’t want to be overwhelmed by social networks, I want to enjoy life first, then and only in a second time share it with my public.

So enough for my first post about this new adventure. More details about my past life and what I’m trying to accomplish in this moment, immediate and distant future will come in the next posts,

Stay tuned for them,


Denis Gobbi View All →

Mi chiamo Denis, alias Senryu/Senryu91/Senryu_91 su vari lidi del web. Lavoro come operaio metalmeccanico, amo la cultura e perciò cerco di approfondirla ed ampliarla continuamente spaziando in tutte le direzioni.

Sono una persona positiva, adattabile, ragionevole e simpatica (quasi) a tutti.

Mi piace leggere, ascoltare musica, sono amante della tecnologia e della scienza in tutte le sue forme, pratico running, nuoto e ginnastica calistenica. Adoro viaggiare.

Sono simpatizzante dello Zeitgeist Movement, del Venus Project, del M5S e ho due blog, uno personale in lingua inglese e uno informativo in italiano dove assieme a vari collaboratori traduco e pubblico news e articoli scientifici in lingua straniera in italiano.

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